Works on paper (selection)
2015 > 2018


The poetic image does not exist but is, and in this sense it is also nothing. It subverts, upsets and completes our selves; it appears and is always evanescent, it becomes memory and promise (…)
Through the poetic image we recover the spiritual dimension of the world.”

(Alberto Pérez-Goméz, 2006)


paper, ink, hand, movement, 02h41min
55x74cm, 2017


paper, ecoline, raster, inkjet, 02h37min
20x20cm, 2017


paper, ecoline, raster, inkjet, 02h14min
17.5x20cm, 2017


There is no painting
photograph of printed text, 2018


cardboard, multiple layers of oil paint, scraper, 17h21min
30x30cm, 2018


paper, ink, high pressure washer, 0h04min
49.5x76cm, 2017


paper, pen, hand, 02h11min
21x21cm, 2018


paper, pen, hand, 0h54min
21x33cm, 2018


paper, pen, hand, eye, 09h10min
15x15cm, 2015


paper, screenprint, 01h52min
22x36cm, 2017